Rejection Letters (dot) Net


Rejection Letters (dot) Net was founded on the principle that if you’re going to get fucked, you should at least get kissed.

We understand that the economy is rough, resources scarce, and time a premium; but at the same time, we want a little respect. So we weren’t good enough for your personal or professional company. Big deal. Doesn’t mean you have to go and send us a rejection letter that adds insult to injury.

But they did, so we started a Web site to strike back. From there, the letters and emails came pouring in. It turns out that many people have been rejected by jobs, lovers, buyers, and sellers. We welcomed them all at Rejection Letters (dot) Net. The contents of this site, thus, can be said only to be as accurate as the submissions we receive. If the authenticity of a communication is questioned, we will make reasonable efforts to contact the submitter and verify the communication’s legitimacy

Every effort has been taken to redact personally identifying information (for both the applicant and the rejecting party) and metadata. But if you send something in and you get beat up or fired for it, we’re sorry but we accept no responsibility. So take this piece of advice, don’t send anything you’ll get beat up or fired for. Likewise, if you or your company are identified scandalously herein, we’re sorry. Please feel free to contact us with your concerns before you call your lawyer. If it looks bad to have your company’s name and paltry rejection letter on this site, then it will probably look worse to litigate over it.

Anyways, let’s get on with the letters. If you’re curious, check out our scoring scheme to understand what the point value for each letter means. Happy job hunting!


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