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U Chicago Law School: Super Douchey
April 1, 2008, 11:41 pm
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It seems that law students and law students-to-be are the most spiteful of our early contributors. Over the next couple of weeks (time permitting) we’ll be posting some of the plethora of law school and law firm rejections. To begin, here’s one from the University of Chicago. An esteemed school with a Top 10 US News ranking; so esteemed, in fact, that applicants may have a hard time coping with rejection.
Actual text from the letter:

Although there is no way for me to lessen the disappointment, I would like to point out that the Committee’s decisions have been difficult.

Seriously? Two things piss us off here. First, although we’re sure the applicant in question was crying their eyes out when they received this rejection (though there are no tears on the scanned letter to indicate as such), the “lessen the disappointment” language goes too far, even for the hoity–toity law school types. Second, right after noting how difficult it will be for this applicant, U Chicago brings it back to it. I’m super sorry this is hard for you but it’s way harder for us. Pity us, this ivory tower has a lot of steps and such. Third (yes, we’re allowed to name three things even though we said two), if you look at the letter it was sent on 14 February. Valentines Day.
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