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How Scoring Works

It is certain, no two rejection letters are alike. Wait a minute, wait a minute, most of them are form letters and they send out hundreds of them indiscriminately. OK, let’s start that over.

It is certain, if we are to pass judgment on companies, individuals, and institutions of higher education, we better do so fairly. Just as Big Pun said, “I don’t discriminate, I regulate every shade of that ass,” we at Rejection Letters want to be fair to all parties. That’s why we developed a point system to rate each submission objectively. Every letter submitted starts with a value of zero. From there, certain words and phrases will give the point value a boost (“Thank You,” for example), while others (like getting the applicant’s sex or name wrong) will result in loss.

However, because a plain meaning interpretation of the text is not always sufficient, we also consider the intent of the framer of the letter. What did the framer intend to convey? What is her tone? The answers to these questions determine the award of discretionary points.

The following tables give the point breakdown. If you have suggestions for improvements or additions, email your editors at

Word, Phrase, or Objective
Point Value
Incorrect, Misspelled Name -1
Incorrect Sex -1
Lacking Salutation Altogether -1
Lacking Signature Altogether -1
Signatory Different Than Typist -1
Received via Email -2
If Email: Image of Signature +1
If Email: Addressed via BCC or CC -3
If Hard Copy: Printed on Copy (Flimsy) Paper -1
If Hard Copy: Printed on Letterhead +1
If Hard Copy: Watermarked Paper +1
If Hard Copy: Printed Signature -1
If Hard Copy: Blank Signature -2
“Thank You” +1
“Unfortunately,” “Sorry,” “Overwhelming,” “Hope,” “Truly,” “Very,” “Regret,” “Unable,” “Our Needs” -1/5 per each
Encouraged to Reapply / Retry +2
Number of Words in Disclaimer -1/10 per each

Discretionary points are allocated according to the following guidelines.

Characteristic Discretionary Point Range
General Condescending Tone -1 to -4
Customization Regarding Personal Qualifications, Interests, or Education +1 to +4
Complement on Credentials or Other +1 to +3
Self-Promoting -1 to -5
Lameness of Signature Block -1 to -3
Threats in the Disclaimer -1 to -3

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